Kudla Fishland

For the graphic design project centred around creating a logo for a restaurant and bar named Kudla Fishland, the design process was inspired by the concept of a fishland. The letter ‘U’ in ‘Kudla’ was ingeniously utilized to form the basis of the logo design. Initially resembling a fish hook, the logo underwent a creative transformation to also embody the likeness of a seahorse, blending elements of the sea with the essence of fishing. This evolution in design, not only captured the essence of the establishment but also added a touch of whimsy and creativity to the visual identity of Kudla Fishland.

By incorporating elements that symbolize both the sea and fishing, the logo for Kudla Fishland successfully encapsulated the essence of the establishment. The fusion of the fish hook and seahorse imagery not only created a visually striking logo but also conveyed a sense of adventure and marine charm, aligning perfectly with the restaurant and bar’s theme. This design journey showcases how a simple letter can be transformed into a multifaceted symbol that effectively communicates the unique identity and concept of a business like Kudla Fishland.

Kudla Fishland