King’s Kourt

Kings Kourt, a distinguished heritage hotel in the heart of Mysore, has been a landmark for over four decades. Recently, the hotel underwent a management change, with Maya taking the helm. The new management aims to breathe fresh life into the establishment while respecting its storied past. The task was to rebrand the restaurant and create an inviting, contemporary dining experience that resonates with both locals and tourists. The rebranding effort began with a thoughtful redesign of the logo. Given the hotel’s longstanding presence, we chose to retain the essence of the original logo but modernise its elements for enhanced legibility and appeal.                                                                                      

The crown over the Gandaberunda, a mythical two-headed bird associated with the region’s heritage, was reimagined as a Diya (oil lamp), symbolizing light and warmth. This new element draws inspiration from the logo of Maya, the new management, seamlessly integrating the old with the new. The colour palette for the logo was inspired by the rich, opulent hues found in the Royal Palace of Mysore, ensuring a connection to the local cultural heritage.

The rebranding and redesign of Kings Kourt Restaurant successfully marries the heritage of Mysore with contemporary design elements. By respecting the past and embracing the future, the new Kings Kourt Restaurant offers a unique and memorable dining experience that appeals to a broad audience. The modernised logo, thoughtful architectural enhancements, and opulent interiors ensure that Kings Kourt remains a cherished destination for years to come

King's Kourt