Clean Story

At the heart of our branding journey for Clean Story was the aspiration to create a name and identity that embodies purity, transparency, and the nurturing essence of health and wellness. We set out to craft a brand that would resonate deeply with consumers, emphasizing the importance of self-care and hygiene in everyday life while fostering a sense of trust and reliability.

The inspiration for the name Clean Story stems from the concept of unfolding a narrative—a story—that reveals each chapter of a clean, healthy lifestyle. The word Clean directly conveys the core focus of the brand on hygiene and purity, while the Story symbolizes the layers and depth of a holistic approach to wellness. Together, these elements create a powerful and memorable name that not only reflects the brand’s commitment to high-quality health and wellness products but also invites customers to become part of their own clean story.

Our design philosophy centred on minimalism and clarity, reflecting the brand’s dedication to straightforward and effective solutions for everyday health. The clean lines and fresh vibrant colour palette of our visual identity evoke a sense of freshness and vitality, reinforcing the purity and effectiveness of Clean Story’s products.

In developing the branding for Clean Storey, we aimed to build a strong, emotional connection with our audience, positioning the brand as a trusted companion in their journey toward a healthier, cleaner life. From the name to the visual elements, every aspect of Clean Story’s branding has been thoughtfully designed to tell a story of wellness, one clean chapter at a time.

Clean Story