Candles Brewhouse

Inspired by the Roman terraces, interiors for a 400-seater micro-brewery “Candles Brewhouse” in Bengaluru, is designed to have a Neo-Classical Roman theme, where every detail pays homage to the magnificence of classical architecture. The use of carefully selected finishes and materials, adorned with intricate detailing, elevates the space to a level of opulence and sophistication.

To achieve a fast turnaround time for the project a combination of metal fabrication and civil works was deployed parallelly, with the railing balusters pre-made off-site for quick and easy installation. The cornice, frieze and architrave details were achieved using ready-made fibre-reinforced plastic moulds. Meanwhile, the shaft and base were skilfully hand-crafted and moulded by artisans. 

With Bengaluru’s highest microbrewery as its backdrop, enclosed in arches with a glass facade to give guests a view of the brewing process, the dining area has columns, Roman statues, and lush greenery. With the dining areas split across two levels, a water body at the entrance with a staircase rising over it gives an expansive view of the city as you go higher up the staircase to access the upper dining area. The kitchen and services were tucked away at the rear, away from the dining area, to ensure minimal interference in the overall experience for the patrons.

The outlet is on the 13th floor of an Indian Green Building Council (I.G.B.C) certified mixed-use building. The key challenge was to seamlessly integrate and ensure the outlet’s services, such as electrical, plumbing, food waste disposal, and microbrewery effluent discharge, met and exceeded the required norms so the building’s certification status would not be affected. 

Patrons are treated to a range of exquisite craft brews and an immersive experience where the ambience of a bygone era transports them through time to the majestic era of the Romans. Step into grandeur and travel back to the time of the glorious era of the Romans!

Insane Hospitality
17,000 Sq.ft
Design and coordination